Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Building a Lyle Hess 34' Falmouth Cutter

Got a start on the cabin roof during a month and a half this November-December. The roof was cold-molded of three layers of cedar and lots of fairing with the long board which is not my idea of fun. It was good to finally get the roof done and on to making the hatches.

Here is a mass of general trimming and construction details from building the interior of the FC34. The bulkhead trim is handshaped into a pleasing mushroom profile.

Here is the curved corner for the starboard double bunk.

The bunk slates in place.

The curved corner for the settees look like this

Inside the aft end of the port settee. Cleats are either douglas fir or angelique (where strength is a consideration). Always glued, countersunk and plugged.
A bit of the engine box and showing the drop board guides for side access to the engine.
Fiddle detail on the settee end cabinet. Fiddle is tapered.
The pilot berth. Retainers for the slats yet to be installed.

The port settee. Plywood ends under the seat back so you do not see it except for inside the storage bins. The seats slats are yellow cedar.

The yellow cedar seat slats

Extended rails retain the outboard end of the slats. The inboard end retained by a turn-button.