Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another selection of pictures. Here the holes for the dinghy chocks are getting tapped into the epoxy plugs with a bottoming tap.  

The dinghy chock mounts installed

I thought I ought to include a picture of the finished drop boards. Finished thickness is 1 1/16".

The sliding hatch came out of the finishing room long enough for fitting the drop boards...

Here the samson post cap and brass corner rubbing strips are getting fitted

Ready for paint

The lazarette coaming and hatch finally had enough coats of paint on them to ínstall the hardware. The hinges had to be mounted on little shaped silver bali bases in order to fit the coved coaming. I will reluctantly admit that it was one of those quiet morning jobs that I thought I would start the day off with and needless to say it took longer than anticipated

As mentioned before the lazarette hatch was built so it opens in the centre. This way it is easier to access with the tiller in the way. I also used the Murray snap-apart hinges so is is easy to remove the hatch in order to get them out of the way. The gasket has a double hollow chamber and easily squishes under the hatches own weight for hopefully a good seal.

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