Sunday, August 7, 2011

A few pictures of the Kingston Grey used to paint the Bulwark and rubrail. When the hull gets painted the boot stripe will also be the same grey and it will follow the sheer.

The Boomkin and Boom Gallows painted

Various pictures

In the last week I got going on the long neglected forward cabin. The sitz tub is installed, cleated in and resting on some sturdy black walnut slats. The mahogany framed opening below the sitz tub allows for ventilation and access to the drain hose and it's inline valve for draining. Room for some light storage as well. The tub will be drained into a bucket and the grey water can be thrown overboard or down the sink. The cedar tub will be trimmed with bare teak and the lids for the storage bin ahead of the tub and the access to the anchor chain bins are also bare teak for simplicity.

Looking into the storage bin ahead of the sitz tub. Fiddles etc for retaining the tool boxes are yet to come. Yellow cedar hull ceiling and red cedar shelves. The shelves will hold the three plastic tool boxes and a canvas rigging bag. The 3 gallon fertiliser sprayer will provide the pressurised water for "showering" in the sitz tub. More room in the bottom of the bin for storage. I'll sew up some curtains for around the tub to help contain water when "showering". A bare teak hinged lid will cover this bin.

I won't be getting anymore work done on the boat for the fall and winter.   

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