Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forward Cabin

Been working on the starboard lockers of the forward cabin which is the last big section of interior work to be completed. Right now I just have the three doors to make and the fwd cabin sole to put down which I will work on this week.

I am really pleased with the way this cabin has turned out. I might have mentioned but it has evolved slowly with first me building up the port side with essentially the same layout but pushed further outboard and thus smaller. I pondered over it for a long while during work on other areas of the interior until it finally and quickly fell victim to a sawzall and grinder. I just was not happy with it and in turn made the sitz tub much bigger and brought both the tub and bench inboard.

I was not entirely sure what would happen to the feeling of the fwd cabin once I put up the stb locker wall but was happily surprised that it made no difference at all to the feeling of space. To build this section I started off with all the insulation and hull ceiling and shelves. They all got varnished and then wires got routed. Finally I could install the 12mm plywood and overlay with the 1/2" Douglas Fir staving. Door openings got trimmed with a mahogany bead and the opening to the hanging locker which will remain open got a mahogany nosing. I will let the pictures do the rest of  the talking.

Installing the top removable sections of hull ceiling. Always a nice moment that marks the end of another section of hull ceiling.

Looking into the hanging locker. Can see the wire chase and bronze backing plates for the chain plates. I wanted these exposed so one can monitor them- If they start to go green it is time to re-bed the chain plates.

Looking into the lockers. The hull ceiling here is yellow cedar with four coats of varnish. There are vent holes in the plywood bulkheads. Top Shelves are yellow cedar slates but bottom shelves in this case are 12mm Sapelle plywood as I did not want things falling between slates and in the dead space below.

Now this photo might not fit in here but it is in the fwd cabin. The scuttle hatch lid hold down bolts needed to be retained so they would not damage the coaming. I made these little teak pads with a thin bungee cord loop to hold them out of the way.

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