Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The two 17lbs propane bottles are stored in the lazarette locker with direct drain overboard through the transom. The system has a single stage regulator so you know when one bottle is empty and thus have to manually change bottles and hopefully filling the empty one. There is a manual shutoff valve and the supply line passes through a bulkhead seal and travels through conduit to the stove.


The manual shut off passes under the cockpit and is operated next to the galley.

Shaped some 3/32nd bronze plate into a handle and fit to some 3/8" bronze rod and soldered it together.
Required some careful filing to get a nice slip joint.

Borrowed my friends metal lathe to make a coupling to join the 3/8" rod to the valve key. Also necessary to take apart and pass through the bulkhead.

Here is the rod passing under the cockpit through some oak bearing blocks. The hose barb you can see coming through the cockpit floor will be for the diesel tank that will sit under the lazarette.

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