Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boat Move

Time for the boat to come out of the shed. The boat was scheduled to move Monday so was busy the last week working full nights doing bottom paint, tiller and a whole host of details on the boat. Sunday the front of the shop was torn away and everything in the way moved to the side. By Monday morning all was ready and in the hands of the moving company. However, it was a difficult driveway and the main trailer could not make it up to the shed. So by the end of Monday they had managed to move a smaller trailer into position to be ready for Tuesday. This fall October and November have seen a lot of rain. It poured all weekend and then Monday was sunny. Tuesday dawned cloudy and the rain held off. So far lucky.

The plan was to move the boat on the small trailer down the driveway to the road and then block her up and transfer her to a bigger trailer in order to take her the hour drive to the marina.

Ready to move. Nice to see her from a distance.

Loaded and ready to come out of the shed. It was nice to see her in natural day light and from further away. The self-critical eye of this builder was to first think of how she looked and if it was a success. Next was to worry about getting her safely down but she was in very experienced hands.

First good view. On the road and ready to be blocked up and transferred to the big trailer

On the big trailer and ready for the road. Not a scratch.

Heading down the Hi-way. Weather holding!

Blocked up in the marina and looking a lot smaller than in the workshop.

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  1. It's really nice seeing the side profile from a distance. Lyle Hess did a great job designing this boats. Easily identifiable too.