Saturday, September 16, 2017

Buhk Motor Installation

I thought I ought to post some photos of the 36hp Buhk  motor installation. To access I just lift off the companionway ladders and lift the engine box lid which folds back and hooks in place. The front and side drop boards lift away to give great access to the motor. It only takes a minute or two.

The equipment area is under the cockpit which is open to the port quarter storage area. Easy access and still lots of space for organized storage. On the bulkhead is mounted the exhaust, Racor fuel water separator and reservoir for the drip-less shaft seal. A 4in vent provides air to the bilge. A few computer fans keep air flowing and draw nothing and are quiet.

The electrical distribution panel and solar controller and Blue Seas Batter charger / ACR mounted on the forward bulkhead under the cockpit. Everything easy to see.

I did not like the looks of the plastic control panel that came with the motor. Buhk also wanted $1500 for their gauge panel so I made my own with the components from the stock panel and VDO gauges. I mounted it on the side of the engine box as you come down the companionway. Out of sight, out of the weather and certainly quick enough to start the motor when you need it.

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