Thursday, December 3, 2015

Salon Work

The Galley got the final coat of varnish last night but still catching up on the doors and various parts. A constant revolving door of parts to be varnished.

Fit all the doors in the salon. Need to be varnished...of course...

Yellow cedar ribs for hull ceiling. The cedar is glued to the hull with epoxy. They are 7/8" thick so there is room for the 3/4" insulation I fit between them.

Closed cell insulation and ash hull ceiling comes next. Finished installing that today.

My tool box. Everything I need in there.

Some little side notes I thought to share. This spring I made a Greenland style kayak paddle of yellow cedar with a thin strip of  W. Oak in the middle (would not bother with the oak again for the sake of weight). Here it is in comparison to a modern paddle. As an experiment that only took two evenings to make and very little cost, it was successful and easier on my shoulders than my old paddle.

I thought I would share one of my latest sewing projects. I usually make or modify (and repair) a lot of my  outdoors equipment and my industrial sewing machine I bought 20 years ago is one of the best things I ever got. I made this day rucksack to replace my old pack that the PU coating on the nylon Cordura had begun to deteriorate. I decided then to make this pack in a heavy duty cotton-polyester fabric and treated it with wax/paraffin that was soaked in with a heat gun. Sewn with 69 weight nylon thread. 5mm evasote closed cell foam for the shoulder straps and a removable 10mm evasote back pad. So far after almost a half a year in use it has proven itself.


  1. Hey I love your blog! I'm working on a Lyle Hess 26 at the moment and doing a lot of similar projects, but you're doing some work to be jealous of.

    1. Thanks you! Is there anywhere online you have pictures of your boat build posted? Always Nice to see Hess Boats being built.