Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Galley Update

So here we are well into 2016 and 11 years since I started working on the boat. It is hard to believe how the time goes on but when I look about the boat I also find it hard to believe I have built what is there. It just seems like such a massive project and any one little spot on the boat is a study of a ton of work. But everywhere I look I am also pleased with the results so there is a lot of satisfaction.

Major head and chest cold right now so using the down time to update the blog as it has been a couple of months. I usually try to update once a month as work does take time on boats and that usually gives me something substantial to post.

Here is the galley pretty much done. Some little details and of course there is hooking up the plumbing and stove etc but right now I am just concentrating on the woodwork.

The ash flip up counter the bridges between the ice box and galley adds considerable counter space and allows someone to work on the fwd side while someone can work at the galley side.

Here can be seen the ash  knife block behind the stainless flip up lid. The knife block is removable so it is easy to make a new one if necessary. The stainless lid gives quick access to the shelf below rather than having to reach all the way through the lower door opening

Bronze rod retainer pin for ash flip up counter.

Behind the stove is an ash flip up lid for a deep bin that can hold pots etc. There is also a place behind for storage and a shelf as well. It took me some time to decide how to build the outboard area of the galley but am pleased with the sliding door cabinet and this area behind the stove. Lots of practical storage.


  1. Wow! 11 years is such a long time. You have certainly done a great job on her and I'm sure Lyle Hess would have been very happy to see such a fine looking boat.

    Do you have any timeline on when you will launch her?

    1. Thanks Dan, a long time indeed! I never thought it would be like that but then all that work and cost spread out part time and with long gaps in work, well....here it is 11 years later! I hope to launch end of summer without the rig. Still have a ton to do for that goal.

      I wish Lyle was around to see the boat and I sure would have liked to have met him.