Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Forward Cabin and Sail Locker

Finally catching up in the forward cabin. The first order of business was the hull ceiling on the port side and then to trim out the sitz tub and put in the lid for the storage bin. This is all bare teak which looks nice with the varnished Douglas Fir and Cedar sitz tub.

The sail locker doors are slat doors for air circulation. Debating whether to make the same kind for the linen and clothes lockers on the starboard side or stay with solid panels like the rest of the boat. Slats would make more sense.

The Sitz tub trimmed out with bare teak.

 A nice little 3/4" brass drain from Toplicht with a small brass spring strainer.

Here is the drain for the sitz tub. Just an inline valve which also serves instead of a drain stopper and drain into a bucket and chuck it. Simple as can be. The hull is open behind the sitz tub so should there be any moisture it can run freely down the hull and into the bilge.

The storage bin forward of the sitz tub holds the high tech pump sprayer for washing and various tool boxes and supplies for rigging etc. The hull is lined with yellow cedar in the bin instead of ash and the shelves are red cedar with bare teak fiddles.

Looking through the sail locker doors. Could not remember if I posted this work before but the sail locker has been done for a while.  Note the massive purple heart samson post and blocking for gammon iron and backing for bob-stay fitting. These last two were fit as close as possible to the irregular fiberglass surface and then set into thickened epoxy so there would be no gaps. The hull ceiling in the sail locker is yellow cedar.

 Purple heart bob stay backing block....ought to hold.

Here are the chain bins. They are plywood glassed over with 6oz cloth and epoxy and trimmed with black walnut. They continue under the bulkhead so are quite big. It is a straight drop from the windlass above and the bins are not draining with the reasoning that I did not a whole lot of muck and stink draining back to the mast step. It will be contained here and I will try to keep it clean somehow.

Right now working on the yellow cedar hull ceiling in the starboard side of the forward cabin which is a hanging locker 2ft 3in and two good sized clothes and linen lockers. This is the last major section of interior woodworking to be completed and then a multitude of smaller jobs and details. 


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