Tuesday, February 2, 2016


A hardware update. A few things have found there way onto the boat and it is always a satisfying feeling bolting on hardware. Things start looking instantly more finished once you bolt on some shiny bronze stuff.

  A nice pile of bronze

Here the boom gallows braces have been installed as well as the stern anchor hawse.

Finally all the chain plates are on the boat. This was a big job from pattern making to polishing and drilling and filing the holes square for carriage bolts, fitting to the hull, drilling the bronze backing plates, cutting the bolts to length and finally installing. I counter sunk the holes in the hull a bit so there would be some extra goop around the bolt. The bolts were hardened up the next morning so the bedding compound was not all squeezed out when installing.

The port lights was another multi-step big job now done. Cutting the bolts to length so there would be a nice round protrusion and installing. Hardened up the machine screws the next morning so all the goop would not be squeezed out when installing. Also filed a bevel to the last 1/4" of the opening so there would be a nice gasket of goop around the port light spigot.

Midship cleat tucked outboard a bit to hopefully not a toe stubber

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