Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dodger Frame

I planned on a pram style dodger over the companionway from the beginning and wanted the framework in bronze to match the rest of the hardware. I had to machine the fork ends I had cast to fit the tubing.

To attach the canvas I did not want the usual buttons so made a casting pattern and had diamonds made that have a protrusion for drilling and tapping into for a #10-24 machine screw. The canvas will have a 1/4" ID grommet  that the screw passes through.

The fork ends are riveted to the tubing . I also machined the pins out of some 5/8" bronze rod.

The frame will be lashed back from the eye on the frame down to the cleats attached to the back of the cabin. It will make more sense when I get to sewing the dodger and post the photos.

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