Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October Photos

 The galley stove finally found it's way onto the boat. The reader would know that originally I had planned for a Paul Luke Stove but it was discontinued shortly before I was going to order it. Thus I was stuck with a weird stove cut-out size and no stove. The answer came by filling in the extra width with a small cabinet that I think will be very useful for cutting boards and trays and thus a Force Ten Two burner compact stove would fit nicely. It has practically the same oven dimensions as the three burner and in use I hardly ever use more that two burners at home so imagine two on a boat will be just fine.

The small cabinet with the brass knob looks like it was always planned. Quite pleased with the solution.

However, the stove mounts that were provided were pretty flimsy so I made some beefier one's out of 3/16" bronze that would be less likely to saw through the stove mounting studs.

The Navigator Stove Works heater is finally installed. Looks very nice. Can't wait to fire it up. The stainless steel shield panels are backed with 5/8" RADAR fire rated ceiling tile and spaced from the bulkheads with stainless spacers 1/2" to allow for air circulation.

I asked my Father to carve the name board since I have minimal carving experience. I wanted elegant and simple and I think it looks great. Removable with two bronze machine screws.

Added the bronze safety bars for the skylight.

Drilling block for the winch base holes.

Coaming backing plates

Deck Backing plates.

Winches installed. Holes were as usual counter sunk a bit to leave a good ring of goop around the bolt as it passes through the deck and coamings. 

The stern tube and propeller shaft installed. The effort in installing the motor paid off and only had to shift the motor about 3/16" to starboard to align it. The Prop is a 17" Campbell Sailor.

Put the battery switch on the side of the engine box out of the way but accessible. The main panel is just around the corner under the cockpit safe, accessible and out of view.

 Two Trojan AGM batteries with all it's wiring.

The main panel. A Blue Seas 10 position panel. Still need to run the exhaust through the hole to the right of the panel.

The panel open. 

Finished installing the second 100 liter water tank in 316 - 14G Stainless with baffles. This tank you fill from inside. All the sea cocks, tank valves, tank fill and bilge pump are accessed by lifting only two sole boards.

The sink drain and the various vent and sink hoses under the sink.

Kerstin is almost done the upholstery.. A very time consuming job but looks very professional and very happy with the fabric and how it looks with the woods.


  1. Truly wonderful work!
    I love everything about her. She's a beauty. :-)
    Wish the wiring on my boat was installed so cleanly. lol
    Very nice heater too! I'm sure it would be very cozy on the boat on cold days.

    Thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed following your work.

    1. Thanks Dan, gettiing close and just finishing the rudder now. Can't wait to fire up the heater!