Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rudder Part II

The rudder work has been spread out in between other jobs on the boat. There has been a long list to work through and it has been admittedly a tiring few months with very long days in the shop.

The cheek plates were made from black locust glued to the rudder with G2 epoxy and then riveted with 3/8" copper rivets and bronze roves. The rudder was sealed with a mixture of Epifanes varnish thinned heavily with turpentine with a splash of creosote in for good measure.

The tiller socket was lined with 3/32" bronze plate bedded in.

 The rudder got four coats of Kingston Grey paint to match the boot stripe and bulkwarks / sheer.

The pintles were riveted with bronze carriage bolts which I annealed with a torch before installing. You can see the bronze exhaust outlet with rubber flapper in the picture.

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